Birthday Places for Kids

Tips for Making Baby’s First Birthday Memorable

Birthdays are very very special for a parent. Especially when they celebrate the first milestone of their baby. It’s overwhelming. At the same time, too many anxieties tickle inside and they wonder how it would be when they celebrate amidst all the guests and kids around. And where to find fun indoor places for kids.

Follow these tips for an awesome party and make it memorable and stress free:

1.Keep it simple

Since it’s your baby’s first birthday, you want to leave no stone unturned when it comes to        planning .Rather keeping the decorations low key will help. You may decorate with fresh flowers and balloons and that will look elegant and classic. The fact is that your baby needs more of your attention than these arrangements.

2.Messy is beautiful

Let them eat cake! This is the most beautiful and cute sight to watch them smashing the tiny fingers into creamy frost atop the cake. Just keep your camera ready always to capture these rare moments. Cherish these carefree smiles and say cheese!!

3.It’s raining cups and cakes

You may aim for a combination of food delectable for all age groups. The kids would love cupcakes and it’s easy to hold for them as a finger food. For their bigger counterparts you may plan lip smacking delicacies. We at Fundays, which is now the hottest kids birthday party venues in Delhi, NCR offer you a wide choice of party menu.

4.Less is More

You may feel the temptation to invite all your friends and family but its advisable that you should keep the count small as you will not feel the burden to attend so much of guests and  the apple of your eyes don’t get neglected . Fundays suggests you to celebrate with them. You will find it an amazing fun indoor place for kids and above all you will come again to this amusing  kids birthday party venue in Delhi NCR.

5.Create a time capsule.

This party activity requires only pens, paper and a box. You have to ask your guests to write the birthday baby a short message to be read years from now. You may offer suggestions for what to write, such as advice (always be good to your sibling!), a memory of the party or first year, or wishes for the future. Store the letters in a marked container that reads “Do not open until you turn 13” (or whatever age you like).

6.Relish the precious moments

These are your moments. Take some time out and feel the nostalgia as how far you’ve come and enjoy with your bundle of joy!! Birthdays indeed are precious. So why not celebrate at a friendly and fun indoor places for kids. Call Mr. Fundays for information and have a best time of your life with us at the best kids birthday party venues in Delhi NCR.

Tips for Making Baby’s First Birthday Memorable