Fun Zone for Kids Near Me

Best Indoor Places and Fun Zone for Kids Near Me

What Parents say

Kids love to play and have fun. Whenever we reminisce about our childhood days, we too get nostalgic, thinking about the games we used to play and the carefree lives we had.  We yearn to relive those moments and be a kid again. Kids of yesteryear’s used to play a lot of physical games and thus had more immunity and good health .With easy access to gadgets, kids today have already crossed certain thresholds virtually and are confined literally to their homes. So it becomes our onus to take them out for the whiff of fresh air and introduce them to the zone of fun, entertainment and enthusiasm.

Why Fun (days) zones

Taking them to the fun zone brings fresh energy and vitality and kids stay active and we already know that staying active all year long comes with a host of benefits for children, including helping them build stronger muscles and bones, reducing the risk of obesity and diabetes, and improving sleep. Along with that, it helps to keep energy levels and mood up until weather changes.

The sincere advice

Experts say parents should ensure kids get at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day, and the National Association for Sport and Physical Education recommends kids get 30 minutes of planned physical activity plus 60 minutes of unstructured activity through free play.


Are you wondering and looking for fun indoor places near me? Fundays here plays your perfect host delivering impeccable quality and fun packed entertainment for kids in Delhi. Take them to Fundays.

We are at your service

Situated in the heart of Delhi, Fundays is accessible to the residents all over NCR. Featuring a 1000 sqft of themed entertainment for kids in Delhi, 1000 sqft gaming area and a dedicated 800 sqft of sprawling party zone, there is ample room for both adults and kids to celebrate, eat , play , relax and enjoy.  There you have Wall  climbing, Trampoline , punching bags , kids ride, ball cannon , ball pool , piano, slides , coconut swing , bike racing , car racing, bowling ,  redemption games  and many more.

Numero Uno- Fundays

It certainly answers one question very loud and clear when you ponder for the best fun indoor places near me if you are a denizen of Delhi or NCR and provides entertainment for kids in Delhi and NCR .This is truly a destination in itself. It’s a safe place with CCTV monitoring and first aid facility available on site.

Hungry Kya?

After having lots of dhamaal and masti, kids feel hungry and and we know them best and so we care for them.  Availability of plethora of food options and selection menu for all events like birthdays and get togethers makes Fundays the sought after place of entertainment for kids in Delhi.

Best Indoor Places and Fun Zone for Kids Near Me