Find Best Kids Fun Indoor Places Near Me

Kids these days are super tech and ultra smart indeed. This generation Z is ahead of what generation X used to be. They do play indoors but the pattern and style has changed a lot. They yearn for excitement and fun. They wish to get their demands fulfilled always. They are imbued in their own fun hues. It’s important to look for fun indoor places for kids to keep their energies channelised and the soft play area for kids has many benefits as it keeps them in intact boundaries which is safe and loaded with fun filled choices. Fundays at Dwarka, a new synonym of fun is the best place for fun indoor places for kids.  India and specifically Northern region witnesses extreme weathers as its too cold and horridly hot in summers. The incessant rains force kids to remain indoors too. The scenario hence prompts parents to look for fun indoor places for kids in Delhi  as it allows the parents as well as kids to have fun unlimited without even bothering of the outdoors weather conditions  . Parents thus can relax with Fundays being the best fun indoor places for kids as their woes comes to an end with Fundays.

Here we give you some pointers which help you to find best kids fun indoor places nearby

Health benefits

When the kids do lots of physical activities at the soft play area for kids  , they remain hail and hearty and the sickness is at bay as the mind gives  positive vibes and the same is received by the body as they are away from gadgets and therefore any such fun indoor places for kids gets a thumbs up !

Happiness index – All time high

Its true not only for kids but for their parents too as they love to see the apple of their eyes loving the soft play areas for kids. So how is the Josh? While you read all this. It certainly fills us with enthusiasm.

Confidence booster

While parents juggle with the life situations, kids too are burdened with studies and the Delhi, NCR residents, Fundays is the cool address amongst fun places for kids in Delhi. Various activities like Wall Climbing, Trampoline, Punching Bag, Kid Rids Ball Canon Game, Ball Pool, piano, slides , coconut swing, bike racing , car racing, bowling , and redemption games keeps them not only engaged but playing with peers and the attitude gives a boost to their confidence too.

Do visit Fundays for the fun unlimited . For more information and enquiry call our friendly Mr.Fundays

Find Best Kids Fun Indoor Places Near Me

Birthday Places for Kids

Fundays – Best Kids Birthday Party Venue in Delhi NCR

Yippee!! Its your kid’s birthday and you are super excited for this special day which pours in lots of nostalgia along with a zeal to add in a lot more memories on this day . What defines a birthday party as BEST? Well!!!  We make it best as parents and a lot depends on how we do that. The prior most thing on making a birthday memorable and best is to focus on looking for best birthday party place for kids .


 There are numerous options of birthday party venues in New Delhi and NCR if you stay in and around Delhi. Look for the one which is kids friendly and is little inclined and geared towards adults needs as well.

Best Food

 For brief parties, cake and ice cream is all you need. As cake is the focal point of the birthday ritual universally, an amazing cake adds zing to the party flavour. If you want to order from our lip smacking food menu, go for it with a bang. From picky eaters to the food connoisseurs, every one is going to love it. For instance while the kids enjoy games and have fun, adults and relish the gourmet food .

We have something for everyone

 After you have chosen a best birthday party place for kids and you are sure they are going to love it, check for  the crowd you are inviting . Make sure you make arrangements for every age group. At Fundays , which is one of the best birthday  party venues in New Delhi , we cater to the needs of all age group . Kids enjoy and have a fun filled birthday party at Fundays. At Fundays every guests get the chance to interact and hence birthdays are made memorable. A birthday party place for kids certainly turns to be best when its inclusive and the events resonate with everyone present and people love to interact with each other. You will find a lot of ice breaking ideas at Fundays , the most comprehensive one created exclusively here ,  one of the most sought birthday party venues in New Delhi .

We care for you and your loved ones

 Another important aspect defining us as best is the Safety measure. Safety is of the utmost importance for any party and specially at a birthday party place for kids its true before, during and after the party is over. We ensure that all guests and kids play safe and hence we being proactive, have arrangements for  all safety measures at our venue .

So with all aspects of party planning for opting Fundays as the trending and coolest birthday party venues in New Delhi, you may plan a pre visit or give a friendly call to Mr. Fundays for enquiry and arrangements.

Stay Happy with Fundays

Fundays – Best Kids Birthday Party Venue in Delhi NCR

Fun Zone for Kids Near Me

Best Indoor Places and Fun Zone for Kids Near Me

What Parents say

Kids love to play and have fun. Whenever we reminisce about our childhood days, we too get nostalgic, thinking about the games we used to play and the carefree lives we had.  We yearn to relive those moments and be a kid again. Kids of yesteryear’s used to play a lot of physical games and thus had more immunity and good health .With easy access to gadgets, kids today have already crossed certain thresholds virtually and are confined literally to their homes. So it becomes our onus to take them out for the whiff of fresh air and introduce them to the zone of fun, entertainment and enthusiasm.

Why Fun (days) zones

Taking them to the fun zone brings fresh energy and vitality and kids stay active and we already know that staying active all year long comes with a host of benefits for children, including helping them build stronger muscles and bones, reducing the risk of obesity and diabetes, and improving sleep. Along with that, it helps to keep energy levels and mood up until weather changes.

The sincere advice

Experts say parents should ensure kids get at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day, and the National Association for Sport and Physical Education recommends kids get 30 minutes of planned physical activity plus 60 minutes of unstructured activity through free play.


Are you wondering and looking for fun indoor places near me? Fundays here plays your perfect host delivering impeccable quality and fun packed entertainment for kids in Delhi. Take them to Fundays.

We are at your service

Situated in the heart of Delhi, Fundays is accessible to the residents all over NCR. Featuring a 1000 sqft of themed entertainment for kids in Delhi, 1000 sqft gaming area and a dedicated 800 sqft of sprawling party zone, there is ample room for both adults and kids to celebrate, eat , play , relax and enjoy.  There you have Wall  climbing, Trampoline , punching bags , kids ride, ball cannon , ball pool , piano, slides , coconut swing , bike racing , car racing, bowling ,  redemption games  and many more.

Numero Uno- Fundays

It certainly answers one question very loud and clear when you ponder for the best fun indoor places near me if you are a denizen of Delhi or NCR and provides entertainment for kids in Delhi and NCR .This is truly a destination in itself. It’s a safe place with CCTV monitoring and first aid facility available on site.

Hungry Kya?

After having lots of dhamaal and masti, kids feel hungry and and we know them best and so we care for them.  Availability of plethora of food options and selection menu for all events like birthdays and get togethers makes Fundays the sought after place of entertainment for kids in Delhi.

Best Indoor Places and Fun Zone for Kids Near Me

Birthday Places for Kids

Tips for Making Baby’s First Birthday Memorable

Birthdays are very very special for a parent. Especially when they celebrate the first milestone of their baby. It’s overwhelming. At the same time, too many anxieties tickle inside and they wonder how it would be when they celebrate amidst all the guests and kids around. And where to find fun indoor places for kids.

Follow these tips for an awesome party and make it memorable and stress free:

1.Keep it simple

Since it’s your baby’s first birthday, you want to leave no stone unturned when it comes to        planning .Rather keeping the decorations low key will help. You may decorate with fresh flowers and balloons and that will look elegant and classic. The fact is that your baby needs more of your attention than these arrangements.

2.Messy is beautiful

Let them eat cake! This is the most beautiful and cute sight to watch them smashing the tiny fingers into creamy frost atop the cake. Just keep your camera ready always to capture these rare moments. Cherish these carefree smiles and say cheese!!

3.It’s raining cups and cakes

You may aim for a combination of food delectable for all age groups. The kids would love cupcakes and it’s easy to hold for them as a finger food. For their bigger counterparts you may plan lip smacking delicacies. We at Fundays, which is now the hottest kids birthday party venues in Delhi, NCR offer you a wide choice of party menu.

4.Less is More

You may feel the temptation to invite all your friends and family but its advisable that you should keep the count small as you will not feel the burden to attend so much of guests and  the apple of your eyes don’t get neglected . Fundays suggests you to celebrate with them. You will find it an amazing fun indoor place for kids and above all you will come again to this amusing  kids birthday party venue in Delhi NCR.

5.Create a time capsule.

This party activity requires only pens, paper and a box. You have to ask your guests to write the birthday baby a short message to be read years from now. You may offer suggestions for what to write, such as advice (always be good to your sibling!), a memory of the party or first year, or wishes for the future. Store the letters in a marked container that reads “Do not open until you turn 13” (or whatever age you like).

6.Relish the precious moments

These are your moments. Take some time out and feel the nostalgia as how far you’ve come and enjoy with your bundle of joy!! Birthdays indeed are precious. So why not celebrate at a friendly and fun indoor places for kids. Call Mr. Fundays for information and have a best time of your life with us at the best kids birthday party venues in Delhi NCR.

Tips for Making Baby’s First Birthday Memorable

How Indoor Play Area keep kids Happy & Healthy

For kids, every day is a Funday and all they ask from you is their never-ending list of playing ideas. Here indoor playground is a superb choice. A beautifully crafted fun zone is like a honeycomb for our tiny bumble bees. A fun zone acts as an excellent rendezvous for kids as they meet new friends. Parents feel good to see their kids enjoying in a safe play environment while kids play and socialize.  Parents these days have started looking for better options for their children to engage in physical activities which has some fun element as well. An indoor play is a fabulous way to involve them in physical activities while they have fun in jumping, running, crawling and sliding and who doesn’t knows that kids are the best at all this.

A multitude of benefits which an indoor play area offers:

Happy kids = happy family

A perfect place for extreme weathers.When it is incredibly hot and humid and a daily risk of thunderstorms put a crimp on outdoor activities, and you wonder for fun indoor places near me. Wouldn’t it be great if you could go to a place that would keep your kids (from toddlers to twelve) active and engaged and not have to face the heat and the downpours?  You don’t have to bother as Fundays is one of the best fun indoor places for kids

Umpteen health benefits

Fun indoor places for kids bring in the balance of physical and emotional health. Kids enjoy as such places are full of frolic and prove to be the best fun indoor places for kids.  With a variety of age-appropriate activities, parents can make sure that their children stay active. Their body weight is also under check and it reduces their chances of suffering from any illness and they remain hale and hearty.

Say No to Obesity

If you reside in NCR, looking for the best and safe and astounding fun indoor place for kids, Fundays is the place to be. Kids are fond of junk food which leads to obesity if they are not doing any physical activity. To the top of it, the latest electronic gadgets coercing them to adopt a sedentary lifestyle is a matter of grave concern. Fundays offering a fun indoor place for kids is a wonderful alternative to their mobile phones and funky tablets. They will jump from their lazy couches and experience an air of enthusiasm, excitement and team spirit as they play with other kids.

Boosts Confidence

Being a Delhiite is an added advantage now as if one searches for the fun indoor places near me, Fundays, Dwarka tops the list in being the most sought after fun place in entire Delhi NCR. Children become explorative, constructive and learn vital life skills essential for their development years. Call Mr. Fundays today to have a friendly talk and get information.

Keep playing, stay healthy!

How Indoor Play Area keep kids Happy & Healthy


Make your kids birthday party unforgettable

Good Memories are the inevitable ingredient of happy and zealous life. Umpteen nostalgia pours in to savor and relish the kid’s birthday parties year after year. The truly unforgettable moments from childhood includes special events in their life, like Birthdays. Though birthday parties are common as a parent, it may be challenging to come up with ideas that are exciting and unique. At the same time, the good thing about a birthday party is that kids enjoy playing together and making new friends.

These tips can bring swag to your kid’s birthday party and make it memorable

Party Supplies with a theme
The theme will help you pull together all other aspects of the party. Themes allow for more flexibility and are a valuable tool for any party planner. Instead of choosing a Batman/ Barbie -themed party, for instance, go for a superhero-themed party. Suddenly, you have a lot more options and room for creativity for a kid’s birthday party in the form of superhero games, decorations, craft ideas, and snacks.

Cupcake Wars
Here’s a fun kids party idea you can easily do at home: Cupcake Wars, Kids Birthday Edition! Let them decorate their own yummy cupcakes. Give them a plain cupcake, frosting, sprinkles, candy etc. to make truly festive and unique cupcakes! Give each cupcake a prize, including one for prettiest, most unique, best use of sprinkles, most creative, etc.

Engage them
After you’re done on deciding the food menu, another thing you need to think about is how to keep the kids entertained. You might want to think of fun, simple games for your child’s party. Some good examples of party games are sack races and balloon popping. If you are looking for a birthday party place in Delhi, come to Fundays and you are relieved. Fundays is the trending birthday party place and has been hosting many successful kids’ birthday parties to its credit.

Bouncy Castle
Bouncy Castles are amazing fun for a child’s party. Parents can relax while their children are playing. All kids love to play in a bouncy castle and the good thing is, they can improve their physical reflexes by just playing on it.

Let’s shake a leg
Play a peppy number as kids love dancing. A cool music throughout the party adds zing to the same. It’s a good idea to choose music with good beats when kids are playing party games. Also, choose a music that parents will like and try to avoid playing hard-core music as it will repel kids from the dance floor. With Fundays you enjoy karaoke as the entertainment element in Kid’s birthday parties

This is for you
A special souvenir makes the event memorable and gives them a personal keepsake to bring home. Who does not want to cherish those pretty smiling faces with return gifts as a remembrance gift? Gifts could be planned to keep their age and taste in mind.
Do you have a birthday in the family, contact Mr. Funday for arrangements for an astounding birthday party place.

Make your kids birthday party unforgettable


How Fundays is a Best Place for Kids Birthday Parties?

Children always keep remembering their birthday parties as momentous moments to cherish for a longer time period. Kids Birthday parties are truly exciting ones in the multiple ways while they feel comforted in the company of their parents and friends. What remains crucial is that such organized parties add maximum fun and excitement amongst other things. The selection of venues for such celebrations does matter the most. A nicely chosen location will redouble the excitement.
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How Fundays is a Best Place for Kids Birthday Parties?

Fundays – Best Indoor Play Area for Kids in Delhi NCR

Are you planning to visit Delhi NCR with kids this summer vacation? If your answer is in affirmation, then you should look for the places which accommodate both kids and adults for dual rejuvenation as unique Kids Entertainment Zone. While searching such zones, you must keep in consideration the fun tastes of your kids. A place should have ample space to play besides being a dedicated party zone alongside a café so that both children and adults remain energized to enjoy to the fullest.
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Fundays – Best Indoor Play Area for Kids in Delhi NCR